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This update has got to include some of our coolest updates to date! But before we tell you all the newest features...We would like to thank YOU!

As we delve into all the improvements we have made to ProductDyno so far this year, we wanted to share our thanks and gratitude to our customers and partners, that made this update happen.

Each year, we constantly seek improvement to discover new ways to help you attain your goals and increase your profit margins. We deeply appreciate our partners, developers and our customers who have worked hard to help us meet and hopefully exceed expectations. 2019 has brought an expansion of ProductDyno's features in many areas that you requested and we remain mindful that our own success is built on you and your continued support. Now, onto the exciting update news...

Enhanced and Advanced Member Management Features

The Member Management features have went from very simple to now allowing you to see the products, type, the gateway used and when a member has joined plus much more!

ProductDyno Member Management

 These newer features give you more data at a glance, allow you more control than ever before. This means you can track member information quickly, accurately and 100% automatically. 

ProductDyno Advanced Filter Feature

This means that once you get the basics set up, your member management system will be automated, giving you much more free time for other tasks you need for your business. Giving you the ability to add members to a product so users who want to 'move' their existing products over to ProductDyno and the custom code option where custom codes can be added at global level of a “Product” or “Collection”. You now have options to add a custom code only on public pages, private pages or all pages.

Member Advanced Search Filters

We have added advanced filter to search members inside Product and Collection.

ProductDyno has also added advanced filters so you can sort and filter your members information...This is perhaps the most appreciated new option we've released.You can use the advanced search mechanism available in “Product” or “Collection” to look up information about your members, making it simpler so you have more freedom to work on the real profit makers.

We have added advanced filter to search members inside Product and Collection.

It is an easy click/copy and drag & drop template that will let you highlight your new products and educate customers with the expected quality of all ProductDyno templates.

ProductDyno Streamlined Our API

API (application programming interface) sounds very techy but, simply put, it is just a way for ProductDyno to talk directly to another APP without having to visit that website first.

We wanted to make sure that our API is clear on every event and that we can track and allow each event be tracked.  So we added events to API and webhooks.

A well-designed API makes it simpler for you to use and keeps access to specific information in the hands of those with the correct permissions.

Introducing The New Template! "The Academy"

You Can Start Your Own "Academy" With This New Template!!

It is an easy click/copy and drag & drop template that will let you highlight your new products and educate customers with the expected quality of all ProductDyno templates.

At ProductDyno our goal is to help you sell and deliver your  virtual classroom style content quickly, easily and without any restrictions to hold you back and now with with an updated UX (User Experience) for Product/CollectionTheme Customization -To provide a better user experience we have introduced collapsable panel for the Theme settings

Learn More About The Academy Template Click Here for the Full Post

And since launching the Academy theme we listened to members and added the logo hide feature...

Logo Hide Feature

We added new settings to hide the logo on public pages (Login, register etc) because you asked for it!

Multiple Image Upload

Many requests came in for this next feature update!  It seemed that everyone wanted to upload more than one image from their local drive at once. So we have added multiple image upload options inside theme customization...Before this feature it was not possible for us to provide inside the theme customization but we worked on it until we could provide it to you. Now customers may upload multiple custom images in the supported themes!

Drip Content Feature

Content dripping means releasing content at intervals. "Dripping" your content makes the subscribers visit your site at again and again, to get new content.

As a website owner, you will now be create a schedule so that users get their purchased content slowly over time or have the option to show all of the “Drip” content to your customers! Along with the Drip content “available date” shortcode. This a new shortcode shows the date when a specific “Drip” content will be available.

A few of our customers asked in our feature request area, "Would like options to select a product's visibility under collections for members who do not have access to it." and  "the options to change the order of products visible to members under a collection."

For this reason we added, this part of the new “Drip” content feature, where you can show all of the “Drip” content to your customers-teasing them with what they will get if they keep renewing their membership! This is also a good way to attract the returning visitors and earn recurring money if you are selling new products. 

PLUS you can now put a custom message when someone tries to access the Drip content.

Marketplace Products

No more scouring the web for products to sell! Now, ProductDyno marketplace offers you ready-made products that you can get right from your marketplace dashboard... These products are ready to sell, completely done-for-you. You keep 100% of the profits!

In everything we do at ProductDyno, we always give high priority to quality and user experience. We know that a software that does not work smoothly - because it's too time consuming or glitchy - is no better than not having it at all. So we work tirelessly to clean up any issues we find as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Below are a list if bugs and fixes that have been completed...

We work really hard to provide the best experience for our customers and are always looking for ways to improve.

2019 Bugs and Fixes

Cleanup Temporary Folders on Server

Image uploads were facing problem after an investigation our development team found a need to clean-up server temporary folders. After the cleanup issue was fixed.

Paddle Gateway “product_id” Issue

Paddle payment gateway was having issue with a parameter names “product_id”. Our development team found the issue and fixed it immediately.

Member Expire Issue at Products Level

Expire Member feature was experiencing issues at “Product” level. We had fixed it as soon as it was found.

Application’s Sidebar Issue

Vendors using smaller screen were facing issue with the application’s sidebar. It was an issue with the scrollbar, we have fixed it.

SMM Product’s “Resources” Issue

We fixed an issue we found with the White-label product called "Social Media Marketing" it developed issues with the “Resources” section.

Stripe Transactions “is_test” Issue

Business Intelligence were showing wrong data due to Stripe test transactions. We had fixed this issue.

Custom Domain CNAME and A Record Issue

Custom domain feature was having an issue with CNAME and A record setup. We fixed it immediately when found.

Fixed Missing Data

Some of the data has been missed in the Business Intelligence, we recovered the missing data and processed it.

Video Player in the Latest Chrome

The video player was having issues in new updated Chrome browser. As always we monitor updates and we fixed this issue immediately.

Just login via your browser to your ProductDyno admin area to see the all the newest features...

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