Updates July 2018: New Features & More!

Super Update: Over 10 New ProductDyno Enhancements & Features to Give YOU More Control Of Your Profit Line!

And the Drum rooolllll...Here is the latest list of fixes and features we have added to ProductDyno!


Business Intelligence|One Dashboard For All Business Analytics!

We were asked to build a dashboard to reflect data across multiple payment platforms, products, and customers on our feature request page and we listened!

ProductDyno is a system that helps you to deliver your Digital Product to your customers securely and easily and now you can keep track of your data just as easily -  Presenting the ProductDyno Business Intelligence Dashboard!

Business Intelligence Dashboard | Product Dyno

Along with our Business Intelligence Dashboard we have updated some key items that will keep your online business running smoothly.

Next on our list of updates is ...

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) work - check boxes and all.

We get you a step closer to being GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant by giving you the correct check boxes and areas for legalese.

Just in case you hadn't realized it... Any website with potential visitors from within the EU is affected by GDPR because of how your site could be processing and holding their personal data. So, we added an easy to use legal check box right into the system!

Record Login Logs

The usefulness of recording login logs is actually often underestimated and we have added this feature so you have the data you need when you need it. 

NEW Tagging Option!

There are many benefits to using ProductDyno and we hope you take advantage of all of them! Especially your new ability to use tags.

Tags are a solid and flexible way to label and group your products and collections so now you can start tagging away with the new ProductDyno's tagging options! Using a tag or in other words a keyword (or term) on your product and collections helps describe the items and allows them to be found by browsing or searching via the major search engines. 

HTTPS Links Now Available For Emails

You may have heard people talking about HTTPS security encryption and how Google’s announcement that HTTPS is now a big ranking signal. We heard and we listened so you can now use https links in emails.

HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol. It’s used for transferring data from a web server to a browser to view web pages. Add the "S"  and you get the same connection but it is more "secure".

Secure means trusted...

Besides being a link to deliver a product... adding links to your customer and prospect's email helps to engage your audience and drive traffic to your site.

Links allow your readership to select which item (be it an offer or relationship building article), which they want to understand better or read more about, without distracting them with all the extra information that may not be useful to them. 

This means you can create and send shorter emails with links to important information like special offers, updated privacy policies, etc that you do not want to take up space in your email. And adding secure HTTPS links are more likely to get clicked because they are less likely to be considered spam.

Updated Database Indexing For Faster Response Time

As a product owner or affiliate, you may be sending many types of traffic to your pages and you want to know that traffic is not getting turned off from lack for page load, right?

We understand that and since the speed of the database plays a major role in increasing response time speed.... You can be rest assured that we have went to the next level and plan to keep tracking the our databases to make sure we determine how quick our application responds to a request. 

Improved Code For Payment Gateways

ProductDyno has now improved the code for Payment Gateways by creating a separate library for you to use. 

In short, payment gateways make it easy to make payments for online transactions and we are making it easier for your payment processing to match the speed and growth of your online marketing. 

Up next...


API stands for (the acronym) Application Programming Interface. It's basically a set of instructions and standards in programming for using a software application. But you probably know them as your web tools and apps.

Below are the latest new additions, fixes, tweaks and overhauls to the web tool you have grown to love called ProductDyno...

  • License expired API improvements
  • Extended APIs to include more members related methods
  • New short code for reset password in email customization
  • Added package_gateway_ids in API method
  • Added Member joined date


Fixes and Tweaks

Use this list to track the bug fixes and tweaks to the July 2018 release of ProductDyno.

  • License API Fixes
  • Webhook Fixes
  • Fixed issue with Video/Audio Player
  • WarriorPlus Fix
  • Fixed issue with Purchase Expiry
  • Checkbox issue fix for ‘Open new Window’ in text editor
  • Fixed ClickBank gateway
  • Fixed for GetResponse
  • Fixed cache issue with custom domain
  • Fixed drop down issue with ‘Add Files’
  • Fixed for Drip Content related sorting issue
  • Fixed issue for ConstantContact
  • Fixed and issue with Samcart
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