ProductDyno Update: What’s New For Middle 3Q

ProductDyno Update: Here we are in the middle of the third quarter. What's changing at ProductDyno? A LOT! 

We've been cooking up some solid partner integrations, upgrading security and working on your requests (THANKS!) and even more in the works  

Below is a list of just a few items we have already pushed out and it comes with one we are super excited about!!

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  1. GrooveSell Integration
  2. SendFox Email Service
  3. WebinarJam
  4. EverWebinar
  5. Infusionsoft
  6. KuickList
  7. Sendiio
  8. Free SSL Certificates

We have updated the Changelog as well at:

Requests portal has been updated as well:

GrooveSell Integration

GrooveSell provides everything you need to effectively sell products online. It comes with selling tools and as well as the complete affiliate system. The powerful ProductDyno webhooks allow you to automate your product delivery when selling on GrooveSell.

Learn more about GrooveSell:

GrooveSell Integrates ProductDyno!

SendFox Email Service Integration

SendFox is a free marketing email service that combines automation and customization to help you create simple, beautiful, and effective emails in less time.

Connecting your SendFox account with ProductDyno is as simple as copying and pasting your API key. ProductDyno takes care of the rest by forwarding the customers’ data to SendFox.

Learn more about SendFox:

SendFox Integrates with ProductDyno!

WebinarJam Integration

WebinarJam’s cloud-based broadcasting technology allows you to reach up to 5000 people in one presentation

ProductDyno hassle-free integration with WebinarJam allows you to focus more on your business than worrying about connecting the two platforms.

Learn more about WebinarJam:

WebinarJam Integration

EverWebinar Integration

EverWebinar unique scheduling system lets you select specific days of the week and time zones based on what works best for your audience.

This is a great way to nurture your audience. Use the power of ProductDyno automation and register the new members to your pre-recorded webinars.

Learn more about WebinarJam:

EverWebinar ProductDyno

Infusionsoft Service Integration

Infusionsoft is the industry’s longest-running and most powerful product, offering an all-in-one solution that provides advanced marketing and sales automation.

ProductDyno integration allows you to forward your customers’ data to InfusionSoft automatically.

The ProductDyno team is glad to introduce the Infusionsoft integration to you.

Learn more about Infusionsoft:

Infusionsoft Integrates with ProductDyno!

KuickList Integration

KuickList allows you to generate leads and build a list for any niche using interactive digital checklists.

Adding a KuickList powered checklist to your ProductDyno products is only a click away with this integration.

Learn more about KuickList:

KuickList Product Dyno

Sendiio Native Integration

Sendiio allows you to profit from the power of email, text & FB messenger under one central dashboard.

Sendiio native integration was one of the most requested email integration by ProductDyno customers.

Learn more about Sendiio:

Sendiio & ProductDyno

Free SSL Certificates...

FREE SSL CERTIFICATES INCLUDED! YES! At ProductDyno we take security very seriously and keep our servers up to date to combat the latest security threats. As part of the regular security updates, we have upgraded our servers that issue SSL certificate to custom domains.

This upgrade also requires all of the new custom domains to map a CNAM record to ‘’.

We provide an SSL certificate at ZERO cost to you: Many other hosted ecommerce and membership solutions will have you purchase and charge you hundreds of dollars each year for an SSL certificate not ProductDyno!

SSL certificates are included with both your custom domain(s) used with our platform and ALL integrated ProductDyno subdomains. Guaranteed to keep Google and your clients happy, safe and secure.

Besides the Free SSL Certificates, there's a few very cool features that we still have not seen on other platforms yet. So, beyond the ProductDyno Update...

Individual Products OR Collections

With ProductDyno you can power up your sales and grow your brands with product collections... (We do this with our own product lines)

You can sell products individually or combine them together and sell access to the collection. Perfect for special offers, bundle deals, promotions and all fully automated.

Create profitable combos of paid and/or paid and free bonus products under a single collection. This could be for a specific 'brand' or groupings of specific products (all plugins or all social media related products for instance)

You can...

Sell Additional Products In Your Collection: Each time a buyer logs in to access their purchase they'll be presented with products they own and products they can buy belonging to the collection. A great way to further increase your sales and profits.

Give Away/Include Paid Products as Bonuses: You can sell products individually or combine them together and sell access to the collection. Perfect for special offers, bundle deals, promotions and all fully automated.

Just drag and drop products into the collection.

Click Here to Power Up Your Digital Empire Now

And here's more of what you can do to deliver your products...

FLEXIBLE PRODUCT/CONTENT DELIVERY: One of the ways we've added flexibility to ProductDyno was to include the ability to serve video and audio files from any URL, your Amazon S3 account and/or your own FTP accounts. We want to make it as easy as possible to gather the assets you need to create a successful product.

DUAL-LAYER SECURITY: Not only do your customers have to login to access your content, but all of the download URLs have a time-lock on them so that links cannot be shared.

CUSTOM VIDEO & AUDIO PLAYERS: We don't mind if you serve your videos from Youtube or Vimeo. In fact, we encourage it! To make that more desirable, we've added a custom video and audio player. Your video source will be completely hidden if you use Vimeo videos, and only a small branded icon will show if you use Youtube.

DRIP FEED CONTENT: Sometimes, you'll want to give content away a little at a time. That's why we've made it easy to only show content after a number of days that your customer has purchased your product. This is a great way to present a limited amount of content to buyers who might purchase just to refund days later.

SUPPORT FOR MULTIPLE FILE TYPES: Each section or sub-section of your ProductDyno products will allow you to include files to help your customers digest your content. Include PDFs, documents, presentations, mindmaps, and even entire zip files.

Even Digital Licensing For Software and SaaS...

Yes! ProductDyno will even work with that new web app you're building... Just copy and paste some simple code (or have your developer do it) into your application. (See our API details here)

ProductDyno will instantly take care of user management and payment integration. This feature alone will shave days, and even weeks, off of your development time, keeping costs in check.

Watch The Demo To See ProductDyno in Action and see how simple it is to set up your first product with it.

Get Started Now & Lock in Your Account

Before this window of opportunity closes forever ...

With 100's of powerful features and time saving integrations ProductDyno is a digital product seller's dream come true!..

Now you can join the many thousands of smart digital sellers already using it to power up their businesses and save yourself hundreds of dollars this week doing it.

We hope this helps you increase your sales & membership retention rates this year!

Watch this quick video to discover the easiest way to efficiently deliver ALL of your digital content, license software, plugins and more without the headaches of using complex, limiting or expensive software services...

2Q 2020 ProductDyno Update

Not completely through the second quarter of 2020 yet but we wanted to check in with you!  We've been working hard at PromoteLabs HQ to keep making ProductDyno the best way for you to create membership and product delivery areas, make seamless connections to payment platforms, autoresponder/mail services plus webhooks and more! 

We've been cooking up some solid integrations, fixing little bugs and working on your requests (THANKS!) and even more in the works  Below is a list of a few items we have already pushed out and it comes with one we are super excited about!! ​​​​

  1. ProductDyno Zapier App
  2. GoToWebinar Integration
  3. ‘Offline’ As a Payment Processor (Nothing super fancy but a good option if you add members manually or via Zapier to your Collections)
  4. See even more updates below!

We have updated the Changelog as well at:

We are keeping the requests portal updated so you can always check there for the latest and greatest. 🙂  This portal is the place to request and check out some upcoming updates that you can include in your 2020 ProductDyno wish list.:

Remember, you can always visit and bookmark our Changelog & Updates page, to find our newest changes and to keep updated on the many cool new integrations, tweaks and improvements that are launching on the third quarter of this year!!!

Now, without more ado...we announce our latest updates!

GoToWebinar Integration

GoToWebinar is one of the most used and reliable webinar software in the world.

Starting from today, all of our customers are able to integrate their Products/Collections with GoToWebinar directly inside of the ProductDyno!

Once you connect your Products or Collections with any webinar, your members will automatically be added to the selected webinar.

GoToWebinar erases the headache and hassle to run webinars. No matter your goal or skill level, you’ll quickly see why so many love GoToWebinar. Go from preparing a webinar to presenting in fewer steps – and have a lot of fun along the way.

Learn more about GoToWebinar:

'Offline' Payment Processor

A lot of customers create products that are never sold with actual money or live payment processor.

All they need is some way to add the members manually. It could be a bonus delivery or free give away. In any case, they need a package (Payment Gateway) before a member can be added to a Collection. To create a package, one must need to connect an actual payment processor but not anymore.

The 'Offline' payment processor also comes handy when you need to have Payment Gateways inside our Zapier application.

Introducing the Zapier Application

I am excited to announce that today we are launching the first version of our full Zapier application.

It was one of the most asked features from our esteemed customers.

Our Zapier application provides two-way communication. You can not only send data from ProductDyno to your other apps but you can also send data back to the ProductDyno from your other apps.

This opens up the more possibilities that how you can use the ProductDyno in your business.

Get Started Using The ProductDyno Zapier App Use This Invitation 

Webinar Integration - ‘Demio’

ProductDyno introducing 'Demio' integration as the first native webinar service to the platform.

Demio provides a simple, no-download webinar experience for your audience, run more effective webinars with less work.

With this integration, you can connect your Products or Collections with any webinar. Your members will automatically be added to your webinars.

Learn more about Demio:

EmailOctopus Native Integration

If your email audience is increasing and you are worried with the cost of your existing email service, EmailOctopus could be an alternate option for you.

EmailOctopus is not a self-hosted solution but still allows you to use your own Amazon SES account for a cost-effective email marketing.

The ProductDyno team is glad to introduce the EmailOctopus integration to you.

Learn more about EmailOctopus:

Access Issue Fixed - WordPress Plugin

We found an issue with the content security that was allowing the unauthenticated users access to the protected pages. Our team have fixed the issue and made a few more code improvements that might not even be noticeable.

We recommend updating the WordPress plugin to the latest version...

We want to thank everyone that gave us all the great suggestions and the great suggestions that continue to come in... we have already started work on some of the best ideas for future roll outs. 

We are always looking to make ProductDyno the best it can be and would love to hear from you (if you haven't, yet)

Many thanks to all the great suggestions that continue to come in, we have picked some of the best ideas for future roll outs. (maybe we picked yours?)

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Update Round-Up For ProductDyno

Update Round-up ProductDyno

This is our round-up of our most popular feature requests and most requested fixes and integrations... 

Online marketing has changed more in the last few years than in the last 20, and the incredibly fast progress doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

So it is our practice to closely monitor and update ProductDyno, as needed, so it can keep securely delivering ALL of your digital content, license your software/plugins or launch any new, information-based project.

The ProductDyno’ team follow the feature requests and responses within our ticket system closely... to help keep this application updated and working at it's best.

Unique design for each 'Product' inside 'Collection'

You can now use Design and Translation settings from 'Product' customization instead of 'Collection' design settings. This way, you may have a unique design for each of your 'Product' inside the 'Collection'

Design Translation ProductDyno

Ability to remove Logo and Favicon

We have provided the ability to remove Logo and Favicon from your Product/Collection. This feature comes handy when you are not planning to use any logo in Product/Collection.

Notification for Upsell/Cross-sell inside Collection

With the availability of this new option, you can notify to your customers whenever they buy a new Product inside the Collection.

Stripe Checkout - Enhanced Security


Stripe based checkout pages now use Stripe Elements. This change was required by Stripe to make checkout pages PCI Compliance. Now, all sensitive information is handled by Stripe.js and this update safeguards your Stripe account.

Member Access Products Count


Fixed an issue in Collection Members where the Product access count showed incorrectly

Sendlane list fetch


Fixed bug in fetching lists from Sendlane email service.

​Data Processing Agreement

We have updated Data Processing Agreement link in the application footer in line with our new policy.

At ProductDyno we’re committed to ongoing platform development to guarantee long-term scalability and value for users and a plugin for WordPress is just the next smart step in our roadmap to being the best we can be. If you want to request a feature you can go here.

If you are looking for a new way to have content on a WordPress site that you sell access to and want to deliver securely by ProductDyno and/or want to be creative and use your favorite WordPress powered themes to design your membership areas ....

All without the headaches of using complex, limiting or expensive software services, then we have you covered!

If you'd like to learn more... watch this video, which shows a walk through of the whole process of installing ProductDyno here.

Ebook Marketing Is Dead-Or Not??


You've heard the old adage content is king, of course you have... and eBooks are full of content aren't they, so that makes them royalty, right?

Creating informative, unique and well-written eBooks are one of the easiest ways to make money online; that has been a call to action for years now.  

So our answer to the question "Is eBook Marketing Dead" is... No, eBook marketing is NOT dead!

Why is that?

When you think eBook, what comes to mind?

For you personally, maybe you think about how you could write a bestselling fiction book and self-publish it.

Or, you dream of writing a comprehensive guide to dominating your niche market, or simply the word eBook brings up the memory of a report that solved a problem you've had in the past.

These types of thoughts are still relevant and people are still selling and using eBooks in various markets and in many different formats.

For examples of how eBooks are used today, you can visit where you can download short free reports about many types of Internet Marketing that help entrepreneurs’ set up profitable businesses online. 

In fact, you can go over there and download a few yourself and check out some of the information Jeremy and Simon are sharing.

And you can find many different white label or private label ebooks and reports in health niches such as dating, weight loss and even yoga like these on

These type of short reports and eBooks can sell like hotcakes because they solve a problem, address an issue and speak directly to your target audience.

Digital books are also one of the easiest ways to start making money online because they carry no overhead.

Better yet, it’s exceptionally easy to set up a digital storefront so that visitors can purchase your content and have it automatically delivered after purchase.  This means you can completely automate your business!

To keep things simple, we of course use  ProductDyno to build our digital storefronts.  ProductDyno works for all digital product formats including plugins, license software and of course, eBooks and it’s just one of the easiest ways to get set up with minimal cost and effort.  Be sure to check it out.

Are your creative juices flowing yet, on how you want to start profiting with eBooks?

ebook marketing dead?

Here are few guidelines to help you get started:   

Honestly, you likely already have all the knowledge you need to create your first information product.

  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What obstacles have you overcome in your life?

Think about the experience in your life that others may also be going through and how you could help them overcome a problem, learn a new skill, or improve their life in a meaningful way.

Have you been through a divorce? Are you a single parent? Have you struggled with weight? Do you have pets?

ebook marketing ideas

All of these experiences could easily be turned into an awesome ebook/information product that will genuinely help your customers! Plus with all the private label rights content available that you can easily tweak to fit your needs and form your personalized story... you got this!

The next area to really focus on is that your digital product should solve a specific problem.

Whether you have decided to write a book, create a digital training program, or create a plugin or app, it should provide direct assistance in some way (even if that is simply by giving your customer hours of entertainment!).

Problem solving products will always be easier to sell, but they also help you identify and target your customer base so that when it comes time to create marketing campaigns you know exactly how to reach your audience.

Now, before you spend months writing an information product, consider testing the waters by writing a series of short reports. 

Not only will this help you determine whether potential customers are interested in your content, but you can get a pulse on your target audience through customer feedback so that you can create a more in-depth, informative product that tackles their greatest problems.

And remember that you can also easily use ProductDyno to create membership and product delivery areas. Just choose the reports you have already created and click to add them. Pretty simple.

It’ll also let you cut your teeth on the developmental process of creating a bestselling information product without taking up too much of your time. 

Shorter books or reports will help you get started faster, and if you choose to outsource your content to a qualified ghostwriter, shorter projects will cost less and give you the opportunity to gauge the overall profitability of your market.  

Also, going about it this way will give you the opportunity to build a list of prospective buyers by setting up a simple landing page and offering a free download (a report, or special offer of some kind that will persuade them to give you a chance), and go from there. 

Besides shorter reports you can create how-to guides and pure information 'question and answer' style reports. With a how-to style digital product, you’re offering a systematic, step-by-step approach to accomplishing a specific task. Your job with this style is to organize and break down the information into simple steps that your reader can follow. You’re a problem solver!

The Q&A style you create a hot selling digital products just based on market research.

Just create a swipe file of the top few questions from within your chosen market. Then, create an eBook that answers those questions!

No matter what your eBook,  report or content is about, your readers want an instant solution to their problems. They want quick help, advice and information that will steer them in the right direction, improve their lives in some way, and ultimately, help them reach their goals and objectives. 

And until readers have no problems that need solutions..eBook marketing will thrive!

Announcing New Mobile Enhancements!

Consumers now spend more time on their phones than ever before (up to 5 hours or more). Mobile usage is only growing; in fact, mobile device connections has now surpassed the number of people in the world.

In 2018, 58% of worldwide site visits were from mobile devices, and mobile devices made up about 42% of total time spent online (stats from  

CIO Dive a website that provides news and analysis for IT executives is now reporting that the percentage is now surpassing 70% of web traffic as mobile.

Plus, an AdWeek survey found an eighty-eight percent growth each year in time spent watching videos on a smartphone.


What do these stats mean? 

It means that people are turning to their mobile devices to use deliver products, social media, texting, using maps, and to watch videos etc. which is leading the average mobile user to engage with digital media up to (if not more) than 5 hours a day. Plus, they are more and more using their phones to run their homes and schedule their entertainment and take online courses.

Mobile has become implanted into our daily lives so much so that consumers are reaching for their phones almost as a reflex when they’re hungry, relaxing, bored, or even just curious.

With consumers depending on their phones to that extent, it should be no surprise that It has been forecasted that the number of mobile users worldwide will increase from 6.8 billion in 2019 to 7.33 billion by the year 2023 (

Because of this incredibly fasted paced change in people’s online behavior, digital marketing tactics need to change also. Shifting to focus onto the mobile consumer, and how they will be viewing your products and services. That means you NEED to create all your products and services to be ready for mobile consumption.

That is why our team has been working overtime to re-design ProductDyno to dynamically support mobile and tablet devices!!!

ProductDyno is a sophisticated web app and it now has a very solid mobile presence.

We worked simultaneously on the new WordPress Plugin (read more on that here) while getting everything mobile ready.

Why did it take this long to make ProductDyno mobile?

Well,we were always mobile in the basic ways... you could see your products and services on a mobile device, it could be viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

ProductDyno allowed for your deliverables to fit on a mobile screen, you could scroll up and down, the text and pictures would show up... But we wanted better for you.

We wanted you to be able to offer an enhanced user experience through ProductDyno on a mobile device.

And you needed to be able to access your dashboard information anywhere-on the go.

So we tweaked the navigation so it will be smooth and efficient, we made the links easier to click, and the text is easier to read and images now re-flow and re-size dynamically.

An incredible amount of the mobile enhancements were done on the administration dashboard side for you (thanks for all your feature requests for mobile ready!) so now all ProductDyno users can login and check their business intelligence, manage products, manage members on a tablet or even a smart phone while out of office.

This platform contains a dual-layer of security to protect your content, this includes expiring download links and customer logins, making it so only people who’ve purchased your content can access it.

Working around that dual layered security to give you the best mobile friendly application we could; was pretty daunting, but we did it... while allowing you to have a seamless transition to a fine-tuned and streamlined mobile experience for your customers and the best possible performance on your mobile dashboard - without a hitch.

It was all of our test engineers, technical architects, project managers, test leads, and product managers on overdrive to bring you a new revamped mobile ready ProductDyno!


We are striving to keep ProductDyno updated while addressing the changing nature of digital marketing. Now this all-in-one solution for securely delivering and managing your digital products is set to be your mobile delivery system for the modern world. 

Would you like to stay up to date with the latest news and promotions from ProductDyno? Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!