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Explore How ProductDyno Earned the Trust of Hundreds of Users – Unfiltered Testimonials from Those Who’ve Really Experienced the Difference.

You can even use ProductDyno to set up your own ‘video on demand’ business similar to Netflix using their expiring content feature. No wonder we’ve moved all our product delivery securely over to ProductDyno.

Nick James

eShowcase Inc.

ProductDyno has been the best decision that I’ve ever made in my business. My entire business is finally powered by ProductDyno. I’m so happy that my product files are completely protected by having the membership access. It’s the most amazing thing online that I’ve ever seen!

Marek Brezina


I have been using ProductDyno since a few years back and all I can say it is a big Thank You! Very easy to use and very intuitive for the student. And the option to have courses outside the platform like a paywall… it is wonderful.

Pablo García

Instituto de creatividad

This is a powerful membership and delivery system for product creators to sell their products with security and ease of use. And I’m just getting started. I’ve had most of the membership tools. This one is a winner and still evolving.

Myron Bernard

Mylena Entertainment

Creating new products and offers is a breeze now, not stressful like it used to be. Running my business is so much more enjoyable today and my customers are so much happier, thanks to ProductDyno.

Steven Alvey

I transferred my members area to Product Dyno from another site builder. This is so easy to build. I like the visual builder because I can already see what it’s gonna look like for my members. The best part is they have the most efficient support team ever!

Liza Ramos

Liza’s Choice Network LLC

I have tried several membership plugins, scripts, and cloud platforms over the years and I have finally found one that I am truly happy with. ProductDyno meets all of my criteria and is very easy to use, plus it looks great. I built my first product to launch with ProductDyno and adding each section for my members area was a breeze. The final output of the members area is clean, neat, and very professional looking. I wouldn’t use anything else personally after buying ProductDyno.

Bryant Dodd

BD Marketing

I have tried just about every membership platform out there. The are either buggy, cumbersome or WAY too expensive – especially if you are just getting started. ProductDyno fills a much needed void. It’s easy affordable and they have thought of everything. This thing has so many integrations and features you might think you are using one of the expensive options that can cost hundreds per month. This is a must have tool!

Valerie DuVall

Digital Income Lab

I have used several services to deliver online training / content. I saw ProductDyno and thought it looked clean and simple to set up. It WAS! This alone was a BIG plus. I moved everything over to productdyno and now I actually have a life back. Occasionally we might have a hiccup, say with an update. But this is fixed DAM fast. Some may complain about this but I look at it differently. If nothing ever changes and nothing ever fails then this tells me that the company has stopped innovation. Productdyno keeps getting better! The company actually listens to its users. We get to vote up suggestions. We get to be part of the process of pushing this software to the top of the pile. I am delighted to be part of continually making something better.

Martin Cole

MJC Training Trust

ProductDyno solves some challenges. The first is membership software. Most membership software is extremely complicated, and it shouldn’t be. ProductDyno is very simple to set up and use. The second challenge it solves is DRM (Digital Rights Management). It easily protects your digital downloadable products. Thirdly, you have the ability to keep your digital products and course on your own website because they have a tremendous external protection feature. The customer service response time is very good, and they are kind and helpful. We feel this says a lot about a company. We are gearing up for our movie and course release, and so far the testing of this product has gone very well. We look forward to our launch.

James A Sinclair

Grand Self Movie

As a software developer protecting your hard work is an important aspect of selling digital products. You want a licensing system that does what you need, is flexible and not get in your way. ProductDyno does that and more. Other licensing systems make you jump through hoops integrating their services, not so with ProductDyno, it was quick and painless. If you need to license and protect your digital products then there is no other service I would recommend!

John Merrick

Connectly, IM Wealth Builders Ltd

Protecting your digital assets is THE most important thing you can do. ProductDyno makes it click and play easy. It doesn’t matter if you are a non-techy or a software developer (like me), you will find a level of ProductDyno that suits you down to ground. Do you want to click a few buttons and create protected download areas for your products? Do you want to build a membership database that you can control with licensing, emails, integrations with other services? Do you want to dig deep at a code level and integrate your own systems with it? As a professional software developer I appreciate products that are simple and easy for non-techies to use but also provide extra power and flexibility for techys to connect to. ProductDyno has both and it works simply and elegantly.

Simon Philips

MediaKettle LTD

I have worked with several other product protection and delivery systems, and have had to code my own fixes time and time again, or worse yet have my valuable assets exposed! ProductDyno comes out of the box ready to secure and support your products and customers, wither it be an information product, a SaaS product, or WordPress Plugin or Software Licensing! I use it for all of my products (17 now and growing in my ProductDyno Admin Dashboard) and have migrated almost 1500 users to the ProductDyno platform for product fulfillment and video training courses! You can tell they are product owners/creators as well, due to the amount of thought that went in and continues to go into ProductDyno. They have improved it without bloating the software since I have purchased! Hands down the best platform there is for securing and delivering your products, and it’s only getting better!

Curtis Crowley


When I first heard about ProductDyno, I was totally skeptical. I mean, who wouldn’t be nowadays? You see, every time you open up your Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail, and all you get are emails telling you how you can make millions of dollars with their new super-duper ‘membership platform’. Well, on the advice of some well respected marketers, I invested in ProductDyno and my thoughts are ‘Wow’! ProductDyno is simple, intuitive, it’s got everything you need in one control panel, and you can drag and drop all of your content from YouTube, your hard disk and anywhere else. In summary, if you can’t put a lucrative money making membership site together with ProductDyno, then you might as well give it all up and get a job flipping burgers. ProductDyno is that good!

David Cavanagh

Internet Marketing Business Coach

ProductDyno is our favourite system for delivering online products. It’s simple, secure, and incredibly well put together – everything just works. It’s definitely the most popular membership software among Convertri users, and it’s easy to see why!

Neil Murton


ProductDyno is so good that I’ve been migrating as many of my products as I can into it. So far I’ve got 65 products and 15 collections and can honestly say that this is the best product delivery and member system I’ve used in my 18 years online. They have the most complete list of integrations I’ve seen and everything just works.

Andy Brocklehurst

I transferred my members area to Product Dyno from another site builder. This is so easy to build. I like the visual builder coz while building my members area, I can already see what it’s gonna look like. And my students like it better than the old one. And the best part is they have the most efficient support team ever! Major props to you, guys!

Liza Ramos

Liza’s Choice Network LLC

ProductDyno, Safe, secure and satisfied. A great product delivery program helping me manage my digital content. Excellent customer executive team as well, that have the knowledge to help their clients. Your wonderful service is greatly appreciated.

Holly Marsden

Business Cost Saver

If you’ve got content that you need to protect, how do you do that? I struggled with this problem for a long time until I learned about ProductDyno. And as my title says, it really is the Swiss Army Knife for people in the Internet Marketing scene. I used to have all sorts of different plugins to handle download protection,membership sites, drip feeds, protected content, etc. but since taking the plunge and buying ProductDyno my life has become much less complicated. ProductDyno handles all these things in a way that nothing else I’ve found comes close to. It does exactly what it says on the sales page, including integrating with your autoresponder, shopping cart, payment platform, mail service, crm, webhooks and so much more. Plus the level of support you get from the team is exceptional. I had an issue recently and the help I had from Jennifer, Annie and the amazing tech team was amazing.

Raymond Harries

Ray Harries

There are many types of membership scripts out there so choosing the best one for you can often become a daunting task. Where ProductDyno shines is it centralizes all your payment processors, autoresponder systems, hosting, and everything you can think of in one area. This is often where most other scripts lack. With other scripts you typically require a lot of add-ons and you need a lot of moving pieces. Eventually it gets scattered. Another thing you should look for is if the script has the capability to withstand long term. I know the guys behind ProductDyno for decades and they will do whatever it takes to stomp out all the bugs and improve on it. I’ve seen it as well being part of the initial beta test group. Lastly – It allows you to setup collections which follows a new method of marketing that I’ve been testing and teaching recently to convert prospects into die hard fans when you mix products and good content marketing together. I highly recommend ProductDyno to anyone wanting to securely deliver their content online and have everything in one place!

Stephen Luc

NonStop Info Publishing LLC

Recently, I returned to use ProductDyno to begin my membership site. I have a learning difficulty so I emailed support with a bullet pointed request list to get me started. What amazed me was they answered every point I raised and then over-delivered with 2 videos they did working in my site which showed me how to fix my problems. They understood my issues, and I was up and running in no time. I really appreciated them going the extra mile. I sincerely recommend this product because of the great support team they have. Here’s the thing; you can buy the best product in the world and if it doesn’t have good support it will fail. ProductDyno has BOTH! Well done team.

Lloyd Portman

Devotional Christian Poetry

I really love how clean and simple everything is from both the backend to what the user experiences! In fact, I’m getting a lot of positive feedback on just that aspect alone – how easy the set ups is that users can move around so quickly! And while I love the product and am happy to have found it, I have had a few “learning moments” along the way. But any time I have reached out to Customer Support they have been nothing but FANTASTIC and positive in helping me to overcome my limitations. 🙂 and get me back off to the races. Can not recommend this product or company enough. Thanks again PD and the Customer Support Team

Melissa MacPherson


I like ProductDyno, because it is easy to build courses with UI builder and dynamic check as you build. It has all the bells and whistles. Also, the direct message, quiz and referral marketing system is a boon to any creator. Bundling collections is a USP and can help you cross sell a lot and it is a good tool to build a hub. I love the header links, many footer links and side bar for various monetizations. This is a huge value for your money. I am launching my multiple hubs in executive coaching and small business mentoring. Can’t wait to make it happen on ProductDyno with great integrations across multiple apps and zap capability. Please use it and make money.

Sridhar Rayasam

Mindchannel Educational Services

I have purchased and used several products over the years. When I purchased ProducDyno I was excited to use the product for my business. It has provided exactly what I purchased it for, so I’m very happy with my purchase. BUT… I wanted to comment on the excellent support I’ve received when I was trying to work through some issues. The support team really engaged my concern and really made me feel confident that I had a partner that was interested in keeping me satisfied with my purchase. Great Job – and Thank you!


ProductDyno Customer