Use the documentation below to learn how to notify any URL of actions inside of your ProductDyno account.


Introduction To ProductDyno Webhooks #

Even being able to use an API, like ProductDyno's, you may encounter two issues when events happen on the platform:

  1. Services that do not (or cannot) make API requests, may still need to know the response of a request.
  2. Many events are not the result of an API request.

Webhooks solve these problems by letting you register a URL that we will notify anytime an event happens in your account.

This can be very useful if you need to notify a service or perform an action with a 3rd party application based on events that happen on ProductDyno.

Plus, using webhooks is very easy...especially when using it with Zapier to connect with hundreds of well-known applications all across the web. Just create a webhook (Product or Collection -> Integrations -> Webhooks) inside of your product or collection inside of ProductDyno, get the trigger notification URL from Zapier and paste it into ProductDyno.

Configuring Your Webhook #

ProductDyno's webhooks can be configured inside of the Integrations settings areas of Products and Collections. This way a webhook will fire upon events happening in a Product and a Collection.

Setting up a webhook is very simple and straight forward. All you need to to is add a URL that is set up to listen for webhook pings. You can set up multiple webhooks for any Product or Collection.

As soon as you add a webhook URL, we give you a link to test it. Click that link and we will send test data to the webhook URL. This way, you'll be able to see what information we send and how the information is sent. This is especially helpful when using Zapier because they allow you to pick from the variable names that we send to use as information to send to other services.

ProductDyno webhook events will be discussed below:

Member Created Event #

This event will fire a notification to your webhook URLs when a member is created.

Here are sample responses for this event.

member_id: 287
first_name: Nola
products[3][product_name]: Get Done
email: jihigyten@hotmail.com
products[2][product_id]: 48
products[0][product_id]: 43
last_name: Shepherd
products[1][product_name]: TS Training
status: 1
products[0][product_name]: Youtube Course
channel_id: 7
products[1][product_id]: 47
products[3][product_id]: 58
products[2][product_name]: Ne wPage
event: member.created
member_id: 285
first_name: Sebastian
email: xybawir@hotmail.com
products[0][product_id]: 58
status: 1
products[0][product_name]: Get Done
last_name: Middleton
event: member.created

Member Updated Event #

This event will fire a notification to your webhook URLs when a member is updated.

Here is a sample response for this event.

member_id: 150
first_name: Karleigh
email: jepademaqu@hotmail.com
products[0][product_id]: 79
status: 0
products[0][product_name]: Let's do it
last_name: Hopkins
event: member.updated

Member Deleted Event #

This event will fire a notification to your webhook URLs when a member is deleted.

Here is a sample response for this event.

member_id: 275
first_name: Tallulah
email: neqege@gmail.com
products[0][product_id]: 58
status: 0
products[0][product_name]: Get Done
last_name: Burch
event: member.deleted
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