ProductDyno’s Big Improvements Update

Are we seriously 3 months into 2020 alreadyWe've been working hard at PromoteLabs HQ to keep making ProductDyno better and better for you! 

We've some great things in the works with ProductDyno and below is a list of a few items we have already pushed out! 

Remember, you can always visit and bookmark our Changelog & Updates page, to find our newest changes.

And with all the newest features we have also updated the Changelog   

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Not only that but the Requests Portal has been updated as well:
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We will update the ‘Last Planned’ section in the coming weeks…'need some time to plan the estimates for whole roadmap for 2020'.

Stay tuned everybody….more awesomeness coming to ProductDyno this year 🙂

The big update is the new & improved membership delivery editor/builder BETA version which has JUST been released 🙂

The All-In-One Visual Content Builder

Level up your productivity with our new all-in-one Visual Content Builder. This is the major update in managing content inside ProductDyno. When using the new visual builder, you will feel the difference.

- No guesswork, you see instant preview of your changes
- Drag and Drop functionality to add your content
- Built-in Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile previews
- Never leave your ‘Collection’ to manage its underlying ‘Products’

This feature opens the door to work faster than ever, it saves lots of time for you.

Builder ProductDyno
Here are some more of the improvements, integrations and fixes plus new items that you have been asking for...

Email Service Integration Supports ‘Tagging’

This is a major update in email service integration inside ProductDyno. Now, you have the ability to add or remove tag(s) to any contact inside your email service on auto-pilot. This feature opens the door to integrate more supported email services.

ProductDyno-Email Delivery

Ontraport Email Service Integration

ProductDyno brings the native Ontraport integration to you. Ontraport is a modern email service that uses the ‘tags’ instead of conventional ‘lists’. This way you can add multiple tags to your contact.

Learn more about Ontraport:


‘ClickFunnels’ As A Payment Platform

Our customers are now able to sell products on ClickBank and use ProductDyno for fulfillment. You can sell both One-Time and Subscriptions using ClickFunnels. You can learn more about ClickFunnels integration with us here

ProductDyno ClickFunnels

Wasabi Integration

With this update, ProductDyno brings the native Wasabi integration to you.

Wasabi integration was a long-awaited request from our customers. Wasabi Storage is enterprise-class, tier-free, instantly available and allows you to store an infinite amount of data affordably. It is an alternative solution to Amazon S3 without being heavy on your pocket.

Learn more about Wasabi:

ProductDyno Integrates with Wasbi

Here's a few more great integrations  we've started working on for you...
  • Official Zapier App Release
  • PerkZilla Integration
  • Email Octopus Integration
  • Demio Webinar Integration

Introduction To Speed Control Option Inside Video Player

Who is not aware of the video speed control feature in popular video sites? There are times when your customers want to speed up the video to save time. We received a lot of requests from our customers to introduce the speed control feature in our video player. The wait is over and now ProductDyno’s video player provides the speed control option. In addition to adding the speed control option, we have made performance improvements as well.


Enhanced Public/Authorization Pages - ‘Default’ Theme

We have enhanced the functionality to one of our themes - ‘Default’. With this update, it offers the ability to add a banner on ‘Public/Auth’ pages e.g; Login, Register, Forgot Password. You do not need to worry about your existing ‘Products’ or ‘Collections’ that are using this theme since this is a smart update and it will keep working as it was before if you do not want to use enhanced features.

authorization login page for ProductDyno

Ability to Remove the 'Exported Members' File

Many of you have been requesting the ability to remove the 'Exported Members' file from your Product or Collection, once you have downloaded the file and do not need it online anymore.

ProductDyno Manage Members

Auto-Generated Passwords

It was brought to our notice that people are having difficulty reading some of the "fancy" characters.

You can now avoid the confusion with auto-generated passwords because when ProductDyno sends a welcome email whenever a new member is added to your Product or Collection...

From now on, we will not include these confusing characters in any of the auto-generated passwords. These confusing characters are 'O, 0, I, L, i, l'.


‘The Academy’ Theme Improvements

We have made several improvements to ‘The Academy’ theme. The most noticeable change is the removal of an extra ‘hamburger’ icon under the mobile screens. This change makes the theme look equally good on all screen sizes.

Signature Theme Fixes

We have made several fixes in our Signature Theme. These issues were reported by our customers. THANK YOU!

WordPress Plugin Updated to Support 5.3

From time to time, themes, plugins & WordPress will require updating... If you are planning to upgrade your WordPress based website to the newly released 5.3 version, rest is assured that ProductDyno's WordPress plugin is fully compatible with it

We want to thank everyone that gave us all the great suggestions and the great suggestions that continue to come in... we have already started work on some of the best ideas for future roll outs. 

We are always looking to make ProductDyno the best it can be and would love to hear from you (if you haven't, yet)

Many thanks to all the great suggestions that continue to come in, we have picked some of the best ideas for future roll outs. (maybe we picked yours?)

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