Powerful Learning Management System Built for Engagement and Growth

Foster connections, personalize learning, and celebrate achievements track progress, and build an engaged community with robust LMS tools.

Direct Messaging

Offer a personalized touch to your courses. This feature allows creators to add significant value to their content by facilitating one-to-one communication with learners.

Through direct messaging, instructors can engage in private conversations, address individual queries, and provide tailored guidance.


Engaging Discussions

Host open discussions around course topics, membership themes, and digital downloads, fostering knowledge sharing and engagement.

Discussions enhance the sense of community within your courses or memberships, creating a space for valuable interactions and shared learning experiences.

Quizzes & Assessments

Create interactive quizzes within their courses or memberships, enabling instructors to assess and evaluate their students’ understanding of the material.


Gain valuable data on individual performance and overall progress, to tailor your teaching approach and provide targeted support where needed.


Enhance the learning experience for students and also get empowered with valuable insights to continuously improve and optimize your educational content.

Personalized Certificates

A powerful means to acknowledge and reward participants within your courses or memberships.

Set specific criteria for completion, and upon meeting these criteria, reward participants with a personalized certificate.

Enhance the sense of achievement for learners by providing a tangible recognition of their efforts.

Progress Tracking

Keep students motivated and on track with clear and visual progress tracking.

Empower students to manage their learning pace and set personalized goals with progress insights.

Gain valuable data on student engagement and completion rates to identify and support struggling learners.

Customer Success Stories

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It has all the bells and whistles. Also, the direct message, quiz and referral marketing system is a boon to any creator. Bundling collections is a USP and can help you cross sell a lot and it is a good tool to build a hub.

- Sridhar Rayasam

Mindchannel Educational Services

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