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Membership Mavericks

Popular and Profitable Membership Sites That Generate a Firehose of Revenue Don’t Happen by Accident...  

...If You Want to Make Money Like That, Then You Need to Use These Proven Strategies…

There are some people in this world who’s “get rich quick” plans depend on winning the lottery.  And there are others who plan to create their wealth using traditional membership site creation and marketing strategies.

Both of these strategies are equally foolish...

Now let me be clear here…

Running a membership site is EXTREMELY profitable – but only if you do it the right way. And the vast majority of member site creators and marketers don’t do it right. They use the same strategies that stopped working many years ago… (if those strategies ever worked at all).

That’s not a ticket to wealth. That’s a quick ticket to bankruptcy court.

If you’re looking to build a membership site the right way to maximize profits, or you want to take an existing membership site to the next level, then I suggest you keep reading and seriously consider the Membership Maverick’s course.

You’re About to Get the Little-Known, Outside-The-Box Strategies You Can Use to Turn Your Membership Idea Into a Profit Powerhouse

  • A five-module, 12 part video course with over 2 hours of training!
  • The course transcripts that you can refer to easily again and again.
  • A printable checklist to ensure you don’t miss implementing any of the profitable strategies revealed inside the course.
  • A resource document saves you time & money by providing you with a list of the best tools to run your membership.

And now let’s take a look at what’s inside the course:

Module 1: The Incredibly Simple Yet Effective Ways to Boost Membership Site Retention and Elevate Your Brand

  • The four keys to designing a membership site with a high retention rate.
  • How to create a user-friendly site that provides a great experience for members and keeps 'em coming back for more.
  • How to create high-quality content your members will devour…and then beg for more!
  • Why you need to create an onboarding sequence - and what to include in it to boost your member retention rate.!
Membership Mavericks

Module 2: The Keys to Create Virtually Hands-Free “Set It and Forget It” Membership Sites

  • How to choose the right membership model for you that will deliver maximum profits.
  • How to rapidly speed up membership content creation even if you're planning on doing it all yourself.
  • Two ways to get other people to create high-quality content for you - and one of these methods is 100% free!
Membership Mavericks

Module 3: Surprisingly Simple Ways to Boost the Value of Your Membership Site While Reducing Member Churn

  • Three gamification methods that are sure to engage members, add value to your site and reduce churn.
  • Five simple yet effective ways to add a lot of value to your membership site so you can charge a premium price.
  • Seven tips for building an engaged community of active members that log into your membership every single day.
Membership Mavericks

Module 4: Smarter Ways to Generate Maximum Traffic With Minimal Effort

  • The keys to creating referral campaigns that drive large amounts of targeted, ready-to-join members to your membership site.
  • The seven secrets of creating viral campaigns that catch fire fast and sweep across your niche.
  • Seven ways to leverage other peoples' resources to generate all the targeted traffic you need.
  • How to lower your member-acquisition costs so you can keep more of your profits in your pocket.
Membership Mavericks

Module 5: Highly Effective Ways to Expand and Grow a Profitable Membership Site

  • How to pick the perfect price that turns more prospects into customers and keeps your refund rate low for maximum profits.
  • The surprising way to cryptocurrency to reach deeper into your market and find new audiences for your goods.
  • Ten key methods for establishing your expertise so you can charge a premium, boost your conversions, and beat the competition.
  • How to tap into new market segments and create sales pitches that appeal to these different audiences.
Membership Mavericks

Membership Mavericks is a course created by two of the net’s top membership marketers:  Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason.

These two self-made millionaires have created and marketed membership sites for twenty years – perhaps while some of today’s marketers were still in diapers.  They’ve pioneered some VERY profitable membership strategies. They’ve refined existing strategies to extract maximum profits from every site they create. 

And they rigorously test every tweak they make to optimize their memberships for maximum conversion, retention and profits. 

Let me ask you this…  

Do you think the last marketer you purchased a membership marketing ebook from tested everything before including it in their guide?

Highly doubtful.  They probably read about some membership strategy on Quora or Facebook, rehashed the idea, and then charged a bundle for it.  Using those sorts of strategies is like rolling the dice – you have no idea if they’ll actually work.

So listen, if you’re sick of chasing ideas and strategies that just barely work, then you’re going to want to go straight to the definitive source of all things membership: Simon and Jeremy.

But you don't have to take our word for it...

We'll Let These Top Marketers And Industry Experts Tell You What They Think...


JP Schoeffel

"True Marketing Masters!"

These guys are real businessmen and intelligent marketers. They know how to target campaigns, position offers and out perform the competition. True marketing masters!

Bryan Zimmerman

Bryan Zimmerman

"Sold Tens Of Thousands Of Products"

These guys are consistently on top at JVZoo they've sold tens of thousands of products and generated well into the seven figures with their promos.

Matt Garrett

Matt Garrett

"Always Ahead Of The Curve"

What Simon and Jeremy don’t know about marketing online you don’t need to know, they’ve probably forgotten more than I actually know! They were the first people I saw building funnels for launches and are always ahead of the curve with what’s working and what’s coming next.

Matt Callen

Matt Callen

"Truly Care About Their Customers!"

Not only can they bring the heat with every promotion, but they’re top-notch guys as well, and truly care about their customers. You want these guys on your side your business will love you for it.

Paul O'Keeffe

"The Best Of The Best!"

These guys are the bomb, the real deal, best of the best, whichever superlative I think of, it fits perfectly with what Simon & Jeremy do.

Sean Donahoe

Sean Donahoe

"Jeremy and Simon ROCK!"

Jeremy and Simon ROCK! I always look forward to seeing what they're coming up with as products and when we're planning a launch they're one of the first JVs we reach out to.

Cindy Donovan

Cindy Donovan

"Killer Product Releases!"

It’s been an honor to not only know you, but work closely with you over the years and I’m excited about joining you for many years to come of killer product releases I’ll back 100% (no brainer really... everything you release ROCKS!)

Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox

"Cool Guys, Love Them"

I’ve known Jeremy and Simon for over 10 years now and have to say – these guys ALWAYS deliver. I recently paid them over $20,000 commissions from ONE promotion. Cool guys, Love them!

Stephen Luc

Stephen Luc

"Help Their Customers Succeed!"

Great marketers (highest integrity, ethical, innovative, and always looking for ways to help their customers succeed). Listen and pay close attention to what they have to say if you want to succeed in this industry.

Here’s the bottom line:

The Membership Mavericks course shows you how to take your membership to the next level by getting more traffic, retaining more members, and extracting more cash on both the frontend and backend of your membership site!

Membership Mavericks


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