ProductDyno + GumRoad
integration explained…


If you’re ready to integrate GumRoad with ProductDyno, you’ll find the process really simple.

Check out this quick video tutorial for the full instructions:

It’s a good idea to get accounts with several payment processors. If one goes down (and it does happen), you can swap it out with one of your alternatives. That means you can be back up and running in just a couple minutes.  

But here’s something else…  It’s also a good idea to use multiple payment processors just to see which one converts the best for you. Some of them are branded with trusted names. Some create the order form for you, while others let you customize the form. These sorts of options can have significant impacts on your conversion rate, so it’s worth testing these factors.

You may have noticed ProductDyno lets you use any of a dozen popular payment processors.  Here's one for you to consider:  GumRoad

GumRoad is a platform that was designed for creators to sell their wares, especially artists. Today it’s in use by bloggers, writers, artists and other product creators.  Their pricing is a little different, as it’s based on how many customers you have per month. Instead of a monthly flat fee, you can elect to pay a per-transaction fee.

Here’s what you’ll like about GumRoad:

  • GumRoad lets you accept one-time payments, recurring payments, and even pre-orders (to build anticipation for a product launch). You can even let customers name their own price.
  • The service is very user-friendly and aimed at those who aren’t technical, so anyone can get started (even without a website).
  • GumRoad accepts the payments, and then pays you your share once per week. (The downside is you don’t get instant payments, but the upside is that you only have to wait one week - There is a proposal to change this and offer instant payments but at the time of writing this is not yet live.)

One downside is that GumRoad isn’t as affiliate friendly as other platforms. They don’t allow activities such as profit-sharing, instant affiliate payments or automatic bonus delivery.

You can learn more about GumRoad by clicking here