ProductDyno Update: End of 3Q 2020

ProductDyno Update: So what is all  the "buzz" about? Well, it's the end of the third quarter and we have added some new integrations and a new feature at ProductDyno! 

We've been adding even more partner integrations, upgrading and adding some cool features plus as always working on your requests - Thanks for that!

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  1. Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Option in Video Player
  2. Mautic Integration
  3. Moosend Integration

We have updated the Changelog as well at:

Requests portal has been updated as well:

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Option in Video Player

ProductDyno has PIP -Picture-in Picture

Now ProductDyno’s video player provides the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) option!

The Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function is ProductDyno's newest feature. It allows you to resize and watch videos in a window that is always on top of your other open windows.

Now users may continue watching videos while they interact with other content! So they can keep track of what they're watching while interact with other options on your website, or applications. 

You can click on the PiP icon available at the bottom of the video to activate PiP mode and exiting out of PiP Mode is just as simple. Currently, PiP feature is supported only MP4 format videos.

In addition to adding the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) option, we have made performance improvements as well. 

Mautic Integration

Mautic Integrates with ProductDyno

We are excited to have Mautic as an integration partner. Mautic is a free and open-source marketing automation software available to everyone. It facilitates email marketing, lead management, and much more. 

Mautic is described as a software made by the people; for the people, and people really seem to be their priority.

David Hurley the founder of Mautic describes it as “Cutting edge marketing automation empowered by open source technology.This is the future; Mautic is leading the way.

ProductDyno provides a seamless integration with Mautic that eventually helps you to put more focus on your marketing efforts than worrying about putting your leads to the Mautic.

Learn more about Mautic:

Moosend Integration

Product Dyno and Moosend Integrate Great

For all of you who have been using Moosend for their marketing efforts, now you have one more reason to continue using Moosend

ProductDyno brings you the simplest integration between two services.

If you have not been using Moosend... It was founded in 2011. It's an affordable easy-to-use email marketing platform perfect for budget-minded businesses seeking industry-leading features without the heavy price tag. 

Used by businesses of many sizes; the easy-to-use interface and intuitive automation make this email marketing platform simple for any business from small to large. Especially since users have access to 100% of the features regardless of the size of their account. Cool, huh?

They provide a beefy set of tools with things like advanced list segmentation that give your marketing ummph by segmenting your list based on your customer’s behavior such as previous purchases and abandoned cart messages and allows you to send highly relevant emails that make you stand out from the crowd, which is so important in this day and age.

The company has an easy & intuitive user interface that is pretty darn simple to navigate and you do not need to be tech savvy to learn. 

Plus Moosend makes creating marketing campaigns a snap, with a smart drag-and-drop editor that makes it super simple to compose emails from scratch even for first time users.

And of course, it is extremely simple to integrate Moosend with your ProductDyno account...

Just copy & paste your API key inside your ProductDyno account and you are done!

Learn more about Moosend: