Market Hero Autoresponder Integration
Market Hero would be a great feature to add to the email integration and or a html section where where can integrate any autoresponder, I find this a limitation in other product/software I buy when if you don't use the top few autoresponders then you are out of luck.

brad smith shared this idea 09/08/17 01:15
Shmar Eshkol 10/08/17 01:09 flag comment
Yes, i agree! - Please include Market Hero email integrations. I don't need nor want to use any other Autoresponder/Email
Jennifer Taylor 10/01/18 17:07 flag comment
MarketHero is a great and powerful Autoresponder, I give it a big thumbs up or a way to use HTML code to put any type of Autoresponder into ProductDyno. Submitted by: brad smith