arpReach autoresponder
Integrate with arpReach

Jennifer Taylor shared this idea 31/05/17 17:12
marco 24/07/17 16:31 flag comment
Yes, need it, too ... or HTML FormCode
Carl Mayfield 14/08/17 14:06 flag comment
Arpreach is my autoresponder of choice. I have been using it over 3 years. You get my vote. Both hands up. Or at least an HTML form code option as mentioned below! :-)
Carl Mayfield 17/08/17 02:02 flag comment
How many times can I vote. Will saying pretty please help?
jan2016@groupkiva.com 20/08/17 13:22 flag comment
ARP is a proven solution that 1000's own and use. ARP has API keys that are easy to integrate At least put in a global integrations whereby we can add a HTML subscribe form and ProductDyno takes the POST url and the fieldnames to integrate
Howard Miller 26/08/17 21:18 flag comment
Would love to have this integration.
Tamarila Shelton 19/07/18 03:08 flag comment
I hope this integration happens
Tamarila Shelton 21/02/19 23:51 flag comment
Any status on this one?
Tamarila Shelton 06/02/20 20:11 flag comment
Been two years any status for this one?