Wordpress Plugin
Wordpress Plugin to work in tandem with ProductDyno

Product Dyno shared this idea 02/06/17 05:28
Steven Brough 10/08/17 10:21 flag comment
Arron 28/11/17 10:32 flag comment
can I create a license key for a WordPress plugin? if i have a white-label plugin can i control access with product dyno?
Frederick Nwokobia 17/10/17 02:43 flag comment
Absolutely needed just like you have it with Commission Gorilla. Please consider seriously!!!
Phil de Fontenay 25/10/17 04:41 flag comment
Yes a seamless integration with Wordpress and Product Dyno is a must!
discountproductsale 28/06/18 15:17 flag comment
vote full for this
Irfantony 05/10/18 04:08 flag comment
Any progress on this WP plugin?
Adriel Yapana 15/04/19 08:55 flag comment
Glad this suggestion idea is in progress... what's the timeframe like until it is launched?