Streamline API
Need to get clear on every event that we will track and allow to be tracked. Add missing events to API and webhooks. Just a general clean-up and clarity session so that we can be very clear on these events across ProductDyno.

Phil Benham shared this idea 30/05/17 15:46
Barry Rodgers 05/11/17 08:46 flag comment
Will this mean that we can add members through other events (like someone opting in to a list, for example)? Will this be integrated into Zapier for people who are not coders?
Jay 05/06/17 22:42 flag comment
Sounds good! This will really make ProductDyno powerful and provide an infinite 'upgrade path' which is very attractive. Some custom triggers would be great (create our own); for example, if this link is clicked or this page is viewed or 50% scroll or ... you name it, the usual suspects ... then trigger custom event. Exciting. Thanks!
Curt Crowley 15/08/17 04:37 flag comment
Being able to query members that purchased a single product inside of a collection on the Member API would be highly beneficial.