Content dripped FROM date of joining, rather than receiving 'month 1' first.
Most drip feed functions give new members access to the first piece of content, so they get month 1, month 2, and so on. I propose an additional option whereby content can be delivered starting with the month the member joins. Example: If I have a membership where content is delivered monthly, I'd want someone who joins in July to receive July's content, rather than starting at January which would be the usual drip method. Imagine I do a Christmas newsletter in December but there are a few members getting July's issue saying how hot it is!! So for memberships where the content is always current, all members should get the current issue no matter when they join. If they want back issues they can buy them separately, giving an extra revenue possibility. Members get access to the month they join, and every month afterwards until they unsubscribe. Hope that makes sense.

David Taylor shared this idea 24/06/17 23:15
Barry Rodgers 27/06/17 05:05 flag comment
Great idea. I know a few other membership systems have this and it adds a whole new dimension to the type of product you can create and deliver.
Janice Banks 02/05/19 02:23 flag comment
I have a membership site that gives out monthly content.. letting members access the current month's content is essential for my membership site no matter what day in the month they join... or having an option to drip content according to the dates... so I can set up all my content in advance (to save time on my end) and allowing the contents to go out live like the 1st of May or the first day of the month... this is especially useful if I'm due for a baby or going for a holiday and may want to do all the work in advance.. Please do consider creating this option. Thanks!!
Suzanne SF 06/11/19 02:55 flag comment
PLEASE consider implementing this!!!
Tamarila Shelton 06/02/20 20:12 flag comment
Hope this is considered
Marek 22/04/20 19:32 flag comment
This would save me A LOT of headaches. Super needed
Marek 22/04/20 19:34 flag comment
Also giving the option to buy back issues is fantastic!
Marek 08/12/20 16:36 flag comment
If you are going to implement this PLEASE add also the option to have a content from a product to expire! Amazon is doing this with Prime video titles. Every 30 days i see titles that expire from the platform and this creates scarcity that force people to consume content before it's gone. Right now i can set a product to expire but not content inside a product.
Roger 26/07/21 05:50 flag comment
when this will be completed? It's been months in the started phase.