Notification Emails For Dripped Content
An option to have the system to send an notification email (editable) when dripped content becomes available for a member

Barry Rodgers shared this idea 25/06/17 06:45
David Taylor 25/06/17 11:33 flag comment
Good one Barry. Will help keep members engaged
Jennifer Taylor 10/01/18 16:32 flag comment
Also requested by Steven Brough
Emanuel Rolle 26/12/19 02:53 flag comment
That would be awesome!
Suzanne SF 10/02/21 00:43 flag comment
Yes please!
Ben Solomon 22/06/21 08:44 flag comment
This would be fantastic.
Lea 07/07/21 12:06 flag comment
Good idea! Content consumption drive renewals. We need to have a way to let people know that are missing on some amazing content.