Update November 2017

ProductDyno Update for November

1) Youtube recently changed something about their videos
which prevented our custom video player from playing their videos
– this issue has been fixed!

2) There is now a way to add custom text to any ‘licenses’ page
– You will find a text editor under ‘Customizations -> Translations’
that will populate above the license generation widget.

3) Any footer links created under ‘Customizations’ will now populate
on system created pages like ‘login’, ‘register’, and ‘forgot password’ pages.

4) Although ‘Clone Content’ has not been completed, the ability to
clone a sub-section is now live…

5) We have completed most of the work on streamlining the API
– including adding an ‘Add Member’ method to allow member creation
from an authorized third party app.

**We will push this after we have completed updating the Developer Documentation.

New Integrations:
Convertri (we need a special link to buy it)

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