Updates: Announcing Some Major Roll-Outs

We’re excited to announce some major updates that we’ve just rolled out to all ProductDyno customers…

1) Import Members!

You can now import members directly into your member management area. We now make it super easy for you to migrate over any lists of members or customers you may have to your product(s) you have set up on ProductDyno.

Click Here to Learn How Easily You Can Import Members

2) New Video Based Template!

You can now select this new template located in your product ‘customize’ area. The new theme can be used for your video tutorials or courses as an easy way to display them to your audience. We’re actually using this new theme for all of our current and future ProductDyno help videos and webinar replays 🙂

Click Here to See A Live Working Demo

3) Product Archives Added!

You’ll see a new tab for this located in your Products area in the top right next to ‘Create Product’.

Now whenever you no longer need a product to be listed and you ‘Delete’ it off they will be stored in the new ‘Archives’ area for up to 60 days. This way you can ‘Restore’ a product if you accidentally deleted it by mistake or need to add it back in future for any reason.

More cool stuff coming soon – that’s all for now….so go ahead and click here to login to check out all these great new updates!

We’d love to hear from you also!

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That’s all for now!

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