Announcing New Mobile Enhancements!

Consumers now spend more time on their phones than ever before (up to 5 hours or more). Mobile usage is only growing; in fact, mobile device connections has now surpassed the number of people in the world.

In 2018, 58% of worldwide site visits were from mobile devices, and mobile devices made up about 42% of total time spent online (stats from  

CIO Dive a website that provides news and analysis for IT executives is now reporting that the percentage is now surpassing 70% of web traffic as mobile.

Plus, an AdWeek survey found an eighty-eight percent growth each year in time spent watching videos on a smartphone.


What do these stats mean? 

It means that people are turning to their mobile devices to use deliver products, social media, texting, using maps, and to watch videos etc. which is leading the average mobile user to engage with digital media up to (if not more) than 5 hours a day. Plus, they are more and more using their phones to run their homes and schedule their entertainment and take online courses.

Mobile has become implanted into our daily lives so much so that consumers are reaching for their phones almost as a reflex when they’re hungry, relaxing, bored, or even just curious.

With consumers depending on their phones to that extent, it should be no surprise that It has been forecasted that the number of mobile users worldwide will increase from 6.8 billion in 2019 to 7.33 billion by the year 2023 (

Because of this incredibly fasted paced change in people’s online behavior, digital marketing tactics need to change also. Shifting to focus onto the mobile consumer, and how they will be viewing your products and services. That means you NEED to create all your products and services to be ready for mobile consumption.

That is why our team has been working overtime to re-design ProductDyno to dynamically support mobile and tablet devices!!!

ProductDyno is a sophisticated web app and it now has a very solid mobile presence.

We worked simultaneously on the new WordPress Plugin (read more on that here) while getting everything mobile ready.

Why did it take this long to make ProductDyno mobile?

Well,we were always mobile in the basic ways... you could see your products and services on a mobile device, it could be viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

ProductDyno allowed for your deliverables to fit on a mobile screen, you could scroll up and down, the text and pictures would show up... But we wanted better for you.

We wanted you to be able to offer an enhanced user experience through ProductDyno on a mobile device.

And you needed to be able to access your dashboard information anywhere-on the go.

So we tweaked the navigation so it will be smooth and efficient, we made the links easier to click, and the text is easier to read and images now re-flow and re-size dynamically.

An incredible amount of the mobile enhancements were done on the administration dashboard side for you (thanks for all your feature requests for mobile ready!) so now all ProductDyno users can login and check their business intelligence, manage products, manage members on a tablet or even a smart phone while out of office.

This platform contains a dual-layer of security to protect your content, this includes expiring download links and customer logins, making it so only people who’ve purchased your content can access it.

Working around that dual layered security to give you the best mobile friendly application we could; was pretty daunting, but we did it... while allowing you to have a seamless transition to a fine-tuned and streamlined mobile experience for your customers and the best possible performance on your mobile dashboard - without a hitch.

It was all of our test engineers, technical architects, project managers, test leads, and product managers on overdrive to bring you a new revamped mobile ready ProductDyno!


We are striving to keep ProductDyno updated while addressing the changing nature of digital marketing. Now this all-in-one solution for securely delivering and managing your digital products is set to be your mobile delivery system for the modern world. 

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