Build Your Own Video Courses With ProductDyno

Build your Own Video Courses with ProductDyno Content Builder, Engage your audience on a whole new level marketplace.

More Solutions For You

Online Learning is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025.

Membership Sites

Build memberships and earn money by sharing your passions, creative works or knowledge with people around the world.

Sell Any Type Of Digital Product

Whatever digital product you create, ProductDyno securely protects it and make delivery access simple & easy.

Leverage Your SaaS Products

Save at least $3000 in development cost by using ProductDyno APIs in your next web-based application.

Add Unlimited Video Content

Add multiple videos to your content that makes your content with a new professional look. You can upload up to 1GB of video file to your content.

Use Other Powerful Elements With Your Video Course

ProductDyno includes other elements as well, you can quickly use text elements, images, audios, and choose a brand logo or color. All settings are located next to your content so that you can add as many elements as you want.

Setup Any Type of Product/Collection Instantly

Create Product/Collection

SELECT Products/Collections from the side navigation, then you need to CLICK the Create ‘Product’ or ‘Collection’ button at the top right of the page.

Set Your Domain/Sub-domain

Go to your Product/Collection’s ‘Manage’ area and CLICK on the ‘Domain & Access’ link. You can set the ‘Sub-Domain’ of your choice and you can also use your own ‘Custom Domain’ in just a click.

Set Access Type

Go to your Product/Collection ‘Manage’ area and CLICK on the ‘Domain & Access’ link, you can see the ‘Access Settings’ at the right side of the page. These settings will establish how your audience consumes your content. The access types include Paid AccessPublic Access, and Free Access

Manage Content

Go to your Product/Collection ‘Manage’ area and CLICK on the ‘Content Designer’ link. SELECT ‘Manage’ from side navigation of the visual content builder. You can create unlimited content that includes video, audio, file, image, etc. You can add as many contents as you want. Moreover, you can also use the ProductDyno’s ‘External Content’ feature.

Upload Your Brand Logo & Set Brand Color

Go to your Product/Collection ‘Manage’ area and CLICK on the ‘Content Designer’ link. SELECT ‘Settings’ from side navigation of the visual content builder. You can have all of the settings of your Product/Collection look and feel such as theme options, brand logo, colors, translations etc. You can have instant preview of your changes.

Your Product/Collection is Ready!

Great! You’ve setup your Product/Collection and ready to live. You can now add/import members in your Product/Collection. If you need any type of help, there are many videos/tutorials are available you can check them out here.

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