Member Quizzes

Boost Insights by evaluating your student’s performance and progress.

Set quiz time limits

Test out the actual performance and efficiency of your students by setting up time-limited quizzes. Once started, the time cannot be stopped.

Flexible quiz re-take rules

Allow or disable the ability to re-attempt a quiz. You can even define the waiting period required before a re-attempt.

Randomize questions

To make a unique experience for each student, you can enable the randomization of questions and further down randomize each question’s options.

Customize quiz Start & Results screens

Provide instructions on the start screen or display the performance on the result screen. You have total control over these screens for each quiz.

Measure student performance

Quizzes are the easiest and most efficient way to evaluate the performance of your students. You can easily filter out the top performers and under-performers.

Easy automated translations

Automatically translate labels and default text used throughout the LMS system to your preferred language in just a click.