Milestone Rewards

Boost Viral Growth: Create single or multiple milestone rewards per campaign, all fully automated and easy to set up.

Maximize Revenue with Multiple Rewards Types

With this innovative approach, you can unlock endless earning potential by offering your customers a range of incentives and rewards that keep them coming back for more.

Purchase-Based Referral Rewards

This is an excellent way to maximize revenue without incurring any marketing costs. When activated, the W.O.M.B.A.T system will only register a referral after a successful purchase.

Referral-Based Opt-in Rewards

Leverage your existing network with Referral-based opt-in rewards to attract new customers without spending large amounts of money on advertising and marketing campaigns.

Product Access

Use any of your ProductDyno memberships, digital products or programs as milestone rewards for referrals made – All seamlessly automated.

File Reward

Upload and securely deliver any type of digital file(PDFs, zipped files, certificates, discount vouchers etc). as milestone rewards for referrals.

Text Reward

Create simple text messages for your milestone rewards and link to external content, award coupon codes, access to other services and more for ultimate flexibility.