Word Of Mouth Marketing Made Easy...

Running a successful referral marketing campaign for memberships has always been a complicated and expensive task (relying on clunky integrations with 3rd party software). But not anymore! ProductDyno’s W.O.M.B.A.T. add-on makes it easy and fun to fill your site/s with new members using viral sharing and incentivized rewards…

Slash Member Acquisition and Promotion Costs Today!

Turn members into highly motivated brand ambassadors for your business, increase engagement, reward your loyal fans and slash ad-spend with set and forget, viral marketing campaigns.


Milestone Rewards

Boost Viral Growth: Create single or multiple milestone rewards per campaign, all 100% fully automated and easy to set up.

Built-in Pages

Rapid Deployment: Create awesome looking viral campaign pages (landing pages, pop-ups and reward pages) with the easy to use, drag and drop editor.

Rock-Solid Security

The W.O.M.B.A.T system integrates multiple industry standards fraud detection and prevention processes to ensure you can run every campaign with confidence.


Email Notifications

Hands-Free Automation: Everything fully automated and customizable including Welcome emails and Reward Unlock emails.

Social Sharing

More Free Traffic: One click to share and customizable messages for on-point branding - Works with Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp & Email.

Live Dashboard

Monitor all of your campaigns quickly and easily and watch the real time results as your membership/s grow.