What’s A Fixed-Term Membership

WHAT’S A FIXED TERM MEMBERSHIP (FTM)? And More Importantly... How Can I profit from it!

Fixed-Term Memberships (FTMs) are the pre-paid MVP of the online business world.

These memberships come with a set time period, ranging anywhere from one day to two years or more, and can be set up as non-refundable and non-transferable.

FTMs are a surefire way to increase your monthly income, no matter what you're selling online.

The traditional monthly membership model has its flaws, as members tend to bail after only a few months of an endless subscription.

But with FTMs, you can set a clear end in sight for your members, ensuring that they stick around for the duration of the term.

Building a fixed-term membership site is one of our favorite ways to increase sales.

Whatever you're selling online FTM sites are a super easy way to MASSIVELY boost your monthly income.

If you build a typical monthly membership site which goes on "forever," then each month you send new content to your members, and each month they pay their monthly fee.

Problem is, your members can't see an end to the site - so they bail after about three or four months.

Think about it this way - people love to finish what they've started, and by offering a six-month, nine-month, or twelve-month FTM, you're giving them the chance to do just that.

And the best part is, they'll be paying you a fee every month to do it!

Why A Fixed Term Membership?

A fixed-term membership site is different because you set it up for a fixed term - three months, six months, twelve months, etc.

These are also similar to 'split payment' terms where instead of paying $500 - $1k up front you let your customers pay you monthly over 6 or 12 months at a fixed payment.

We've tested all sorts of these out over the years and work like crazy. (lower refund rates, defaults and higher customer lifetime value)

Example: You upload 6 month's worth of training, or 6 month's worth of PLR content or something else.

When the term ends, the members don't get billed any longer and they don't get any new content.

So what's the benefit of this?

When your members see a clear end in sight, they're more likely to stick around.

So instead of bailing at three months, you can get them to stick around for six months, nine months or more - whatever your term is.

Point is, people like to finish what they've started, which means more money in your pocket for you.

FTMs also come with a hidden benefit - the opportunity to build a valuable customer mailing list.

By offering an FTM, you can not only pull in residual subscription fees each month, but also drive new sales through product recommendations on the backend of your membership site.

What's The Secret To Easy Profits Using FTM?

The secret is to AUTOMATE EVERYTHING so you aren't tied each month to delivering or creating the new content. 

How do you do that?


So, how do you profit from an FTM? It's simple - offer irresistible benefits and watch the cash roll in.

Charge a higher fee upfront for the duration of the term, and if your benefits are worth it, your customers will be lining up to renew their memberships.

It's like a never-ending cycle of riches, and we like to call it the "FTM money-making machine."

Building an FTM site is easier than ever, thanks to platforms like ProductDyno. With just a few clicks, you can schedule content months in advance, automate everything, and clone existing sites to quickly start profiting from.

If you're using a platform like ProductDyno you can set up these sites super fast and schedule content months ahead of schedule just with a few clicks.

Now add your new FTM membership offer to your existing sales funnels, behind your lead magnets, link to it from your blog posts or social messages.

Essentially EVERYWHERE you can!

Once you've built one site we guarantee you'll want to build more of them and with ProductDyno you can.

And with ProductDyno you can even clone an existing site and just switch out the logos and content and you're ready with the next site to start profiting from.

The revenue can mount up fast too!

Just imagine - add just one person a day to a six-month FTM site charging $20 a month, and at the end of the month, you'll have an additional monthly income of $600 for the next six months.

Create three FTM sites over the next three months, and you could cover your mortgage and car payments every month.

Just rinse and repeat for more income

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating some irresistible benefits and watch the cash roll in with your very own FTM money-making machine. 

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With ProductDyno it's quick and it's easy to build out these sites and so much more (it's the perfect solution for anyone selling any kind of digital product)

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Profiting From Digital Classes and Courses

Do people actually profit from courses classes and training?

Well. YES! People are very happy to pay for knowledge and information...

Create Online Classes

That’s why websites like www.Udemy.com or www.SkillShare.com are so incredibly successful.

Why do people pay so much money for online courses?

Quite simply, because people have problems that they want to solve.

Perhaps they want to build a deck but can’t afford a carpenter. Or, perhaps they have a wedding coming up and really want to lose weight to fit into that dress.  Whatever the case, people will gladly pay for solutions to their problems.

Here are a few items to think about when creating and profiting from online courses and training material:

Everyone can create online classes

Just About Anyone Can Do It.

If you have a marketable skill of any kind, you can easily create an online course that will make you money. Whether you are experienced in gardening, carpentry, design, baking or music, there’s an audience waiting to purchase your course.

This is largely due to the growing segment of potential buyers online. It is easier than you may think once you find the right delivery platform for the sale of your online course.

Honestly, now a days you can find a way to offer classes pretty simply and your chosen platform can help you set-up a way to deliver your course in many forms; ranging from an online e-book to videos.

Letting your "would-be" new students get access to your class materials through a digital product delivery platform is your best solution to selling online courses.

Little startup costs 

Most your class creation upfront costs will be in the time it takes you to create the course (check out this post for content creation resources).

You can go on to register a domain to feature your course, and create a mailing list of customers, but neither of those are required to get your course off the ground.  

All you need is your course materials and a few hours of your time to jumpstart a marketing campaign.

But remember a reason why it is a poor choice for anyone selling courses with one of the big elearning platforms - you give up ownership.


When thinking about choosing your ecourse delivery platform find something that lets you:

  • Own your branding, never just be a part of "their" website. 
  • Own the visitor traffic and SEO.
  • Own 100% of the revenue generated from course sales.
  • Own the student information and accounts (if you cannot send emails with links to your own students -big red flag).
  • You should own the your policies, as in the ability to block a student and your refund policy.

Anyone who has started a successful ecourse will tell you that these are important in the long run for running a profitable class online.

The less control you have over key business elements, the more power your chosen delivery platform has over how you can interact with your students.

Choose to start with a community or build a diverse business...

There are good parts about using a larger platform to spring into online training. You can feature your course on websites like Udemy.com or SkillShare.com and reach a broad market quickly and easily with very little marketing required.

Mostly through the drastic cut price "deals" that they feature all the time. 

Plus, platforms like those will help you structure your course, set up your pricing model and deliver the very best training product they believe possible. 

Or, you can go it alone by using a platform like ours at ProductDyno, because if your goal is to sell classes, ebooks, video courses AND build a business that gives you full-spectrum ownership, then it’s best to use one of ProductDyno's ecourse delivery templates like Teach Pro or The New Academy for course creation and sales.

This option will also help you structure your course, set up your course and securely deliver a great training product (plus this option allows you to build a relationship with your students and delve into affiliate marketing for even more products to offer your students, that they may need)

Potential to easily increase profits on back-end and sell 24/7

You will want to create your course once, set it up so that customers can purchase and gain immediate access to your course, and you can set your business on total autopilot, selling access 24 hours a day.

If you truly want to teach AND profit, it is very important to set up your class delivery and student/user management system and make sure it is fully automated.

Creating ecourses requires a lot of time and focus and if you plan on creating several continuously then you need to not worry about the sale of your previous classes.

This is possible with ProductDyno as it allows integration with an Autoresponder.

It allows you to choose which autoresponder funnels you will want your students to be in when they bought your class and you can focus on planning how to create more courses. This aspect of course creation frees up your time for other business avenues and revenue streams.

You could also add auxiliary components to your course or upgrade options including one-on-one consultations, Skype sessions, bonus training products including mind maps, videos, affiliate offers and more.

High Profit Margin and Multiple Revenue Streams

Depending on the course, people could be selling access for hundreds of dollars to classes, but with full ownership you could have students pay a paltry amount of money on the front end and still make bank by building a good relationship with your students; creating back-end offers and deals plus even more products and services.

No matter what type of class you offer to bring in your initial students having complete access to those people, creates ultimate scalability as well, since you are not limited by how much contact you are allowed with your own students!

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